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What is WITS?

The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) is the premier event for travel influencers, creators, and industry.

Now in its sixth year, WITS brings together some of travel's top talent to discuss future innovations, build dynamic collaborations, and change the travel industry worldwide, all while supporting and empowering a diverse community.

WITS is organized by Wanderful, a top network for women travelers with a reach of over 40k worldwide.

Why this matters.

Women’s travel is experiencing explosive growth:

• Women make 80% of travel decisions.
• 2 out of 3 travelers are women.
• The number of women-only travel companies has increased 230% in the past 6 years.

The digital revolution continues to rise:

• Influencer marketing is 11x more powerful than traditional advertising. (TapInfluence)
• 84% of customers have made a purchase after reading about a product or service on a blog. (Technorati)
• In the 18-34 age range, blogs are the #1 decision-making factor influencing purchases. (Research Now)




Our impact.


58 million Impressions

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Representing 13 countries and 40 US states plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico.



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Top Niches:

Women’s Travel, Adventure Travel, Food + Dining, Solo Travel


Attendees in 26-45 age range.


Attendees in 46-65 age range.


 Past Partners

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What you need.


Our WITS partners who get top ROI are often looking for one of the below:


1. Decreasing valuable blogger research time/filling FAM trips.

Sponsors have saved as many as 500 hours of research by using us to find and vet collaborators and fill press trips – sometimes for their entire fiscal year.

2. Announcing or testing new product or service.

WITS is the perfect place to make a big announcement or get a focus group of travel experts. We once broke the internet by tweeting too much in an hour during a sponsored luncheon.

3. Trying a new market.

Some of our best partners aren't in the travel industry at all, but love the fresh take and new customers a travel influencer can open for them.



What we offer.


All brand partners receive:

Brand Mention + Logo Placement

Social Media Engagement

Networking Hour Access

Gift Bag Placement

Additional sponsorship packages may offer you access to:

Speaking Opportunities


Personalized Introductions




"Attending WITS was a fantastic way to connect with travel bloggers and share our program opportunities with like-minded travelers. It was also a weekend full of valuable industry information fueled by an inspiring community of women, not to mention a ton of fun! Our team returned home excited and motivated, and we're already planning for the next WITS!"



"Being a sponsor at WITS is a great way to build brand awareness on a deeper level with female travelers, travel bloggers and influencers. WITS does a fantastic job ensuring you get some one-on-one time with your target audience and they go above and beyond in helping you get the most out of their conference by fostering and encouraging a community of support and empowerment amongst all the women there! I plan on being a part of the WITS community for the long-term and will continue to recommend becoming a Wanderful member to all my friends within the travel community!!"



"Sponsoring WITS was a wonderful experience for our business in so many ways. The conference was incredibly well organized by a fantastic team of passionate women. Attendance consisted of a wide array of bloggers, businesses and consultants in the travel space. We were able to find influencers, collaborators, strategic partnerships, and even customers, which was a welcome surprise. As a startup, WITS was an approachable, valuable investment and simply inspiring. We can't wait to work with the conference and Wanderful organization again!"



"We had an incredible time sponsoring WITS. Being able to combine a FAM tour with our sponsorship was the perfect thing for our growing region and created a lot of buzz for us." 


 Ready to get started?


If you wish to attend WITS but not officially sponsor, please review our Sponsorship Policy.