The Wanderful team works hard to provide an empowering, encouraging, and supportive environment for attendees at the Women in Travel Summit. This experience is made possible by our official sponsors. In order to be respectful of the investment made by our sponsors and the work that our team puts in each and every day, suitcasing and outboarding are prohibited at all Women in Travel Summit (WITS) events.

Suitcasing and outboarding are parasitic, unethical business practices in which non-exhibitors or non-sponsors gain access to an event and attempt to engage with attendees without permission from the organizers. This is stealing a sponsorship, and is active theft of sponsors who have invested time and other resources through official means.

Suitcasing specifically is when representatives from non-exhibiting or non-sponsoring companies attend an event (at a ticket price that is subsidized by paying sponsors) and then hand out promotional materials or products, “work the aisles” from their suitcase, and solicit business in the sponsor showcase area, session rooms, or other official event locations.

Outboarding specifically is when representatives from non-exhibiting or non-sponsoring companies host their own parties, events, or meetups that may or may not conflict with official programming and take attendees away from paying sponsor engagements. This can easily be confusing, as it’s usually not clear to attendees that these events are not actually affiliated with the conference.

Any companies or individuals found to be carrying out any of these prohibited activities will have their credentials revoked and be removed from the event.

Please note that this does NOT apply to unbranded affinity group meetings not linked to a company or brand.

If you would like to report any of these prohibited activities that you have observed at WITS or learn more about becoming an official sponsor, please email wits@sheswanderful.com.


While we love our furry friends, we must ask that you please refrain from bringing pets and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) along to any scheduled WITS sessions, events, and other activities.

Service animals, as covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and any other national, state, or local law, are of course welcome.

We know that pets are a part of the family, but not everyone can safely or comfortably be around them. To be respectful to all attendees and our host hotel, please leave your pets home or make other arrangements.

Thank you for your understanding.