Introducing the First Ever Media Marketplace at WITS Kansas City


Wanderful is proud to announce that we are expanding the Women in Travel Summit’s (WITS) North America programming in 2020 with the first ever Media Marketplace.

The WITS Media Marketplace is a full-day networking event designed to help facilitate collaborations between content creators and companies in the travel industry who are looking to work together. 

“Attendees have time and time again raved about the powerful relationships built at WITS as being one of the most valuable benefits of participating,” said Marissa Sutera, Conference Director of WITS. “So we decided to add an entire day of additional networking meetings to provide even more opportunities to develop those connections.”

Bloggers, social media influencers, print and broadcast journalists, photo/video content creators, and freelance writers focused on the travel space are encouraged to apply for the networking opportunity. Those selected will be given free access to the Marketplace for pre-scheduled appointments with a wide array of destination marketing organizations, lifestyle brands, travel product and service companies, and other key businesses in the travel space.

The Media Marketplace is designed to maximize opportunities to build powerful relationships and discuss collaboration opportunities for both creators and brands.

To learn more about the Marketplace, secure a table, or apply to join, click here.



Justine Abigail Yu
Communications & PR Manager

Ariel Goldberg