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Our Sessions

All sessions are 60 minutes long (45 minutes for content with 15 minutes for Q&A). Sessions may take the format of a presentation, fireside chat, or roundtable conversation. Panels are accepted on an extremely limited basis. You must know and have contact information for all panelists if submitting a panel proposal.

Click here to view the schedule from last year’s WITS North America.

Our sessions are divided into the following tracks:


Our Media track is for the tech savvy influencer who wants to take her content creation to the next level. Session topics have included: running a blog as a business, emerging social platforms, new ways to use/optimize existing social platforms, using live-streaming, the “tech” side of blogging (plugins, analytics, HTML, SEO, platforms, etc), effective analytics reporting to sponsors and partners, the latest in YouTube analytics, how to break into professional travel writing, how to pitch to travel editors, podcasting, understanding UX, photo/video editing, and more.


Our Entrepreneurship track is for the empire-builder and go-getter who wants the freedom to work independently. Session topics have included: how to build a location independent lifestyle, determining contract scope, tax and legal considerations for influencers, remote-work strategies for success, women in tech, crafting a business plan, email marketing, publicity how-to, negotiation tactics, creating (and maintaining) a budget, trademark and copyright considerations, and more.

Trending in Travel

Our Trending in Travel track is for the content creator who is at the forefront of change and interested in the future of our industry. This track features new and emerging travel insights and their impact on influencers. Session topics have included: voluntourism ethics, women leaders in the travel industry, data-driven travel trends, tapping into wellness tourism, remaining relevant, global travel communities for underserved populations, the needs of diverse women travelers, overtourism, indigenous tourism, sustainability and safety in adventure travel, using your platform to foster change, and more.

Industry Insights

(Offered only at WITS North America.)

Similar to our Trending in Travel track but with a specific focus on industry members, our Industry Insights track provides a deep dive into the current state of the travel and tourism industry, with a particular emphasis on how influencer marketing can combat a lack of much-needed diversity. Session topics have included: ethical and responsible marketing, tapping into diverse markets, hiring (and retaining) travelers of color, best practices for corporate diversity & inclusion, the ROI of influencer marketing, multigenerational travel, and more.

Blogger 101 Day

(Offered only at WITS North America.)

Blogger 101 Day is an extra half-day of programming specifically designed for attendees who are new to digital content creation. This is an opportunity for beginner bloggers to get a head start on the exciting and informative sessions taking place during WITS. Participants will learn from experienced bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs about the basics of blogging, promotion, and setting themselves up for success as they set off down the path of becoming a travel influencer. Session topics have included: travel blogging 101, selecting a niche, creating an editorial calendar, social media 101, crafting a voice, building an evergreen brand, CMS basics, and more.


We are not looking for any of the following:

  • Beginner or 101 sessions (unless proposing a Blogger 101 Day session). All proposals should be at intermediate or advanced levels.

  • Sessions focused on inspiring others to travel.

  • Sessions sharing tips for how to travel (either generally or to a specific destination).

  • Sessions focused on promoting your organization, brand, or blog (unless you are interested in purchasing a sponsorship).

We receive many of these kinds of pitches, and we do not accept any of them.

Presenter Benefits

In order to keep our registration prices as affordable as possible, WITS is unable to offer speaker stipends, honorariums, or travel or lodging expenses. We understand that this creates a barrier for some individuals to participate in our events, and are looking for ways to make this more equitable in future years.

If you are selected to present at WITS, you will be asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

You will be asked to agree to the following:

  • To be available to present your session during WITS.

  • Not to solicit business or advertise products or services during your session without prior consent.

  • Not to substitute a presentation topic or any other speaker for your session without prior approval.

  • That you maintain the legal ownership or right to distribute any materials handed out during your session.

  • Not to make any negative comments about WITS sponsors or their products or services in conjunction with the summit in a public forum.

  • That WITS has permission to use and/or reproduce your image for promotional and other purposes.

  • That WITS has permission to distribute a (watermarked) copy of your presentation to our attendees.

In exchange for the following:

  • Complimentary registration to WITS ($499 USD value), which grants you access to all other sessions (excluding Blogger 101 Day, if applicable), parties, meals, happy hours, and pre- and post-conference tours and trips.

  • Individualized social media promotion on both WITS and Wanderful channels.

  • Moneymaking opportunities (including commission on affiliate ticket sales, the option to offer paid mentor sessions to attendees, and the option to sell your book/class/product/etc in our marketplace).

  • An invitation to an exclusive VIP networking event with other influencer and industry presenters as well as high-level sponsors.

  • A swag bag filled with extra goodies from our sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a proposal?

We accept proposals from anyone, but we strongly prefer to take on sessions led by experienced content creators, influencers, and industry members.

What makes a standout proposal?

Keep the WITS community in mind when crafting your proposal, and propose sessions that leave attendees with motivation, new knowledge, and actionable insights. Include at least three key lessons attendees can expect to learn in your session. We encourage you to think about your proposal not just as a session, but as an opportunity to educate, inspire, and empower the WITS community. Think outside the box and let your creativity and innovative ideas shine through.

Can I submit multiple proposals?

Yes, go right ahead. Please submit each individual proposal through the appropriate form on this page.

What happens after I submit a proposal? When will I hear back about my session?

Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis by the WITS team, and sometimes by outside advisors who are part of the WITS community. We come together to review all proposals collectively before selecting those which we rate the highest to accept. You can expect to receive a decision on whether or not your proposal has been accepted by mid-February for WITS North America or mid-August for WITS Europe. Please do not email us to inquire on the status of your proposal.

Can I propose a keynote?

No, sorry. Our keynotes are by invitation only.

How are sessions organized?

We offer five session tracks at our WITS North America events and three session tracks at our WITS Europe events. You can take a look at our track descriptions above.

Can I email you my proposal?

No, sorry. We need you to fill out the appropriate form on this page, even if we know you and even if you’ve presented at WITS before.

I need help developing my proposal. What should I do?

We recommend reaching out to the past and future attendees and presenters in our Facebook Group.

I just found out about WITS and the deadline to submit a proposal has passed/I don’t have enough time to submit one before the deadline. Can I email it to you?

No, sorry. Try again next year!

I’ve presented at WITS before. Do I have to submit a proposal? Can I present the same session again?

Yes, you have to submit a proposal even if you’ve presented at WITS before. No, you cannot present the same session again. We prefer to offer new and relevant sessions at our events each year. What was relevant last year may not apply this year. That said, if you have presented a session at WITS North America and would like to bring it to WITS Europe (or vice versa), we are open to considering that. Please propose your session through the form on this page, even if you have already presented it at WITS.

Proposal Forms

Open until 11:59pm GMT on June 11, 2019.

Closed as of December 5, 2018.
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