WITS Europe Ticket Transfer Policy

All WITS tickets are nonrefundable. "Flash Sale" and "Early Bird" tickets to WITS Europe purchased BEFORE July 9, 2019 may be transferred to another individual NO MORE THAN ONE TIME and ONLY UNTIL October 1, 2019, after which time these tickets are non-transferrable. Ticket transfers may only be requested by completing this form. All regular tickets are non-transferrable.

Individuals buying or selling a ticket must coordinate any transfer of funds individually.

If applicable, Blogger 101 Day cannot be added to transferred tickets. Tickets to WITS North America cannot be used at or transferred to WITS Europe, or vice versa.

Both parties will receive a confirmation email when the transfer is complete, within one week of submitting this form.

All following questions require information from the new attendee, not the original purchaser.
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If you are transferring over a Limited Edition WITS T-Shirt order, which size shirt do you need?
Leave this blank if the original purchaser did not purchase a t-shirt with their order. (NOTE: We will have a limited number of extra shirts available for purchase at WITS if you did not pre-purchase one.)
By clicking the box below, I give my permission to be photographed and videotaped during activities organized by or in partnership with Wanderful. Furthermore, I permit such images taken to be used for newsletters, website material and other media as Wanderful deems appropriate. *