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  • Tours and FAM trips use two different registration systems (both accessible from this page):

    • TOUR registrations are first come first served and can be registered for by any WITS attendee as long as there are spots available. Participants may attend as many tours as they’d like, as long as they do not register for the same kind of tour multiple times or different tours that occur at conflicting times. Duplicate registrations or registrations for conflicting tours will be cancelled without warning.

    • FAM TRIP registrations are by application only. Participants may apply for more than one FAM trip, and WITS will ensure that those who are accepted are not placed on FAM trips that occur at conflicting times. Applicants will be notified either way if they have been accepted for a FAM trip by mid-September.

  • All tours, unless otherwise noted, depart from the Radisson Blu Latvija.

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  • Participants should advise organizers of any food allergies, physical limitations, or other needed accommodations.

  • Tours and FAM trips are open only to attendees of the 2019 Women in Travel Summit Europe in Riga, Latvia.




First come first served. Register by 30 October.


A Classic Riga City Tour

Thursday 7 Nov: 10:00-13:00
Friday 8 Nov: 10:00-13:00
Monday 11 Nov: 10:00-13:00 & 13:00-16:00

Discover the beauty of Riga on a classic walking tour. The Historic Centre of Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you’ll soon see why. Venture through the old town with its collection of buildings dating back to the medieval times, prosperous 19th century and other significant periods. One of the most-photographed buildings in Riga is the House of Black Heads. The tour will stop right outside. Later, head along the elegant boulevards to the so-called Quiet Centre with the finest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. Keep gazing up as you’ll be surprised by all the intricate facades and sculptures peering down at you! The tour will include a fair few hidden gems and Insta-worthy moments.

pan_car (6) copy.jpg

A Different Kind of Women’s Rally

Thursday 7 Nov: 10:00-13:00
Sunday 10 Nov: 15:00-18:00

Speed around the streets of Riga in teams of three – that’s as many as will fit in each tiny Pan Car! Teams will compete with each other to complete a round of fun challenges to help them discover the city. Cars are Polish FIAT 126s, each with its own design by a top Latvian graffiti artist. Note: All drivers/lessees must hold a valid driving license and a valid passport, and must be able to drive with manual transmission.


Riga Foodie Tour

Friday 8 Nov: 12:00-15:00
Monday 11 Nov: 13:00-16:00

Who stocks the finest selection of pickles? Which stall sells the tastiest homemade cheese? Find out on tour with one of Latvia’s best chefs who’ll show you where many top restaurants source their ingredients and locals buy their daily sustenance from rye bread to charcuterie and gravlax. You’ll explore both the outdoor area of Riga Central Market and the indoor food halls, which are housed in repurposed zeppelin hangars. Nowadays, one of the halls has been transformed into a street food court serving pho, tempura, pizza and other international favourites. After the tour, you’ll convene for a cooking workshop. Make sure to have an appetite!


Riga Art Scene Tour

Thursday 7 Nov: 15:00-17:00
Sunday 10 Nov: 15:00-17:00

Visit major museums and independent galleries to get an understanding of Riga’s buzzing and growing art scene! One British newspaper called Riga “the Baltic Berlin,” but the city definitely has its own, independent vibe. You’ll see the iconic Latvian National Museum of Art, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, an initiative of the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, the ISSP Gallery of Photography, and more. You will also get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Latvian National Opera, the building for which has a unique and complex history that dates back to 1863.

beer_tour (1).jpg

Riga Through a Beer Glass

Thursday 7 Nov: 18:00-20:00
Sunday 10 Nov: 18:00-20:00

Latvia’s craft beer revolution inspired a number of breweries and bars to join forces and found the Riga Beer District, based loosely around three historical brewery buildings in the vicinity of the popular Miera Iela (Peace Street) area of town. A guided walking tour of the Beer District involves taste tests at every stop, as well as meeting some of the folks behind Latvia’s best brews. It’s perfect for both beer beginners hoping to develop a taste for the tipple, as well as seasoned connoisseurs looking to try limited edition brews (which you can’t get your hands on elsewhere!).




First come first served. Register by 30 October.

Step Back in Time Into a World of Manor Estates


Friday 8 Nov: 9:00-18:00

For such a small country, Latvia has an impressive collection of grand old manor estates. Nowadays, many have been given a new lease of life by investors and enthusiasts who see their huge potential. The dazzling buildings house some of Latvia’s finest hotels and restaurants, art residencies and museums. You’ll get a glimpse of what goes on behind some of the pristine facades and historical solid wood doors. This tour is perfect for anyone with an interest in architecture and history.

Into the Wild, Wild Latvian Boglands We Go


Friday 8 Nov: 9:00-15:00
Monday 11 Nov: 8:00-14:00

The tour will take you to a natural bog, which is quick to reach from Riga and makes for the perfect day trip for nature lovers. Throughout the world, bogs are drained for peat extraction. In Latvia, many have been protected to ensure a long future for this beautiful and fascinating ecosystem. Wooden boardwalks provide safe and dry access to small areas of the vast boglands which dot the country. They’ve become popular hiking and photography spots.

The Classic Stress Buster


Monday 11 Nov: 9:00-16:00

Time for a spot of pampering! Traditionally, saunas in Latvia were a place to wash yourself and even give birth. Nowadays, many locals retire to the sauna to let off some steam after a long week at the office. Many modern day saunas are part of a wider spa complex. On this tour, you’ll visit a spa and be able to try a treatment with a local touch such as an amber or linden blossom massage. Many spas in Latvia are located in areas with access to nature trails, the beach, lakes and rivers to make for a super relaxing holiday. Lay back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air blowing in from the Baltic Sea.

Food, Glorious Food


Monday 11 Nov: 9:00-19:00

For Christmas, tradition dictates Latvians serve a total of 12 different dishes. In fact, take any special occasion in Latvia and it’ll involve a hefty amount of food. We’re a nation of passionate foodies and our gardens, meadows and woods provide a lot of our prized ingredients. You’ll visit some of the creative spirits collecting or transforming these ingredients into delicacies. Nowadays, many food producers welcome guests into their kitchens and farms to partake in making bread, cheese, herbal tea blends and other delights. The tour will take you to rural areas, so you get an impression of what life’s like outside Riga.




CLOSED: Application deadline 27 August.

Cēsis: A Strong Contender for the European Capital of Culture

Wednesday 6 November at 9:00 - Thursday 7 November at 19:00

Galleries in former industrial spaces, coffee shops and artisanal bakeries reviving old retail spaces. Creative quarters and co-working spaces popping up in previously abandoned locations. The last few years in Cēsis have seen independent businesses flourish and breathe new life into old buildings. Such creative communities call for rich cultural programmes. Cēsis has its very own purpose-built concert venue as well as an annual art festival and many other initiatives. As well as being a popular choice for culture lovers, Cēsis has won a name for itself among foodies with two of its restaurants boasting Hansa Culinary Diplomas. On the tour, you’ll experience how Latvia is advancing in line with 21st century trends, yet managing to retain its historical charm and maintain an eclectic mix of architecture from medieval castles to charming wooden architecture and cobblestone streets, which Cēsis is particularly known for.

Latvia’s “Wine Country”

Wednesday 6 November at 9:00 - Thursday 7 November at 21:00

Latvia’s wine region was once known for the northernmost vineyard in the world. Today, winemakers are experimenting with grape varieties but producing most wines from locally grown fruit. Ever tried rhubarb or raspberry wine? This could be your first chance! More unusual flavours include birch sap and pumpkin. Inspired by the traditions of wine producers in France, California and elsewhere, Latvia’s entrepreneurial spirits are opening their wineries to visitors and setting up dedicated tasting rooms in beautiful locations such as manor estates, riverside farms and historical cellars. Enjoy west Latvia’s wine route and meet the local wine-making community! The tour will also take in the romantic town of Kuldīga with its winding cobbled streets, cute wooden buildings and an incredible red brick bridge spanning the River Venta and facing the widest waterfall in Europe. You’ll be travelling by bus.


From Industrial Hotspot to Visitor Attraction – Reinventing Small Town Latvia

Wednesday 6 November at 9:00 - Thursday 7 November at 19:00

How does one repurpose a former factory to suit the needs of a demanding contemporary community? Learn from some of the best creative minds who’ve been tapping into their town’s industrial heritage to transform it into one of Latvia’s prime travel destinations among locals and international visitors. Where some people see the demise of local industry, others see potential for tourism and culture. Explore an area, which was once a bustling factory town with purpose-built housing and a community centre. While the factories have closed and some buildings still await their reawakening, the town has become a popular place for young families and people who appreciate the proximity of nature trails, cycle routes, swimming and skiing spots. This is a beautiful area with luscious green forests and sandstone cliffs lining the shores of the local rivers. On a different note, the town of Līgatne is also home to what was once a Soviet secret. The underground bunker would have served the elites in the case of nuclear warfare! You’ll be travelling by bus.

South Latvia’s Castles and Manors – Fit for a Queen

Wednesday 6 November at 9:00 - Thursday 7 November at 19:00

Experience the life of an ancient aristocrat! This tour will lead you on a fancy journey through history via the castles and manor estates of South Latvia. A world where gilded ballrooms, manicured gardens, Instagrammable floors and windows abound. See the different approaches to maintaining this part of Latvia’s heritage. Some of the grand old buildings function as museums while others have been given a new lease of life as hotels and event venues. They provide a fabulous setting for photo shoots, weddings and other celebrations. You’ll dine at a manor house restaurant and be offered a range of interactive activities during the trip, not to mention the innumerous photo ops. You’ll be travelling by bus.


An Introduction to the Delights of Gauja National Park

Wednesday 6 November at 9:00 - Thursday 7 November at 19:00

On day one you’ll hit the outdoors for some invigorating hikes along a few of Latvia’s favourite nature trails near the rivers Gauja and Amata, known for the sandstone cliffs lining their shores, and waters made for boating in spring and summer. Here, you’ll really get to feel the luxury of being alone in the wilderness. After a day of stretching your legs in the great outdoors, relax in the hot, hot heat of a traditional Latvian sauna at Dikļi Manor. A skilled sauna master will guide you through the ancient tradition of cleansing your body and soul. On day two you'll explore Sigulda, which is easily reached from Riga by train or bus making it a great add-on to Riga city breaks. Sigulda sits on the shores of the River Gauja, which you’ll cross by cable car for striking views. To get the most of your day trip, you’ll continue the journey on e-bikes, which will let you see all the top sites from the 13th century castle to the brand new and super trendy Jāņa Tirgus (Jānis Market) with street food kiosks and local produce shops. There’ll be many highlights throughout the day but shooting down the bobsleigh track is a certain contender for “most adrenaline-packed adventure”. You’ll also get to try your hand at some arts and crafts, and wander around Latvia’s most visited museum – Turaida Museum Reserve. End the day on a high note with a wine tasting in the beautiful surroundings of Krimulda Manor. You’ll be travelling by private minivan.

On the Windswept Coast Sits the Blossoming City of Liepāja

Tuesday 5 November at 14:00 (departure from Riga Airport) - Thursday 7 November at 15:00

In less than an hour, airBaltic will deliver you to Liepāja - Latvia’s third-largest city in a prime location on the Baltic Sea coast. After a relaxing night at the 5* Promenade Hotel, enjoy breakfast with a view over the city’s historical shipping canal. On a tour of the city, you’ll get to see highlights of its Art Nouveau and wooden building collection, and get a glimpse of Peter’s Market – a popular shopping spot since 1910. Boost your energy levels with a coffee break at a beach café. The city’s skyline was recently enhanced with the addition of the Great Amber Concert Hall. The bright orange gem hosts world-famous artists and ensures a steady program of events throughout the year. Explore the building on an insiders’ tour! Inspired by their beautiful surroundings, the sea, the wind, and a jampacked cultural agenda, residents of Liepāja keep developing the city to make it an even more pleasant place to live and visit. One recent initiative is Romas Dārzs (Roman Garden) art gallery with its adjacent Art Hotel Roma breathing new life into a stylish 19th-century building and courtyard. After a busy day of exploring, you’ll convene for a meal at the trendy MO restaurant serving contemporary international cuisine.

**This FAM trip includes a flight that will depart from the Riga Airport.