Take your WITS learnings to the next level.

Mentor Meetings are personalized sessions offered by some of our presenters at WITS. For a small fee, attendees can meet with a mentor one-on-one for 60 minutes at a time outside of programming hours. Our mentors are experts on a multitude of topics, including (but not limited to!) blog monetization, social media, SEO, budgeting, photography, writing and editing, content planning, business planning, affiliate marketing, and more.

Please note that Mentor Meetings are only available in person and to those who have already registered for WITS.



When are Mentor Meetings?

Mentor Meetings will take place on the afternoon of Sunday, 10 November. There are four meeting time blocks available between 14:15 and 19:00. Each meeting, unless otherwise noted, is 60 minutes long.

How do I sign up and pay?

Scroll through the list of mentors below. Once you find a mentor who you want to book a meeting with, click the “Register” icon and choose the time you’d like to meet. All payment (minus transaction fees) will go directly to your mentor. Don’t forget to add your meeting(s) to your calendar and mark them in Sched so you don’t forget!

Where do I go to meet my mentor for our meeting?

All Mentor Meetings will be held in the same room, listed in our schedule. Once you’ve registered, all you need to do is arrive there at your scheduled time. There will be someone at the door to check you in.

Can I book more than one Mentor Meeting?

Yes! You’re absolutely welcome to book meetings with more than one mentor, or book multiple meetings with the same mentor if you really love them. Keep in mind that you will be charged for every meeting you book.

How do I prepare for my meeting?

This part is up to you. We recommend becoming familiar with your mentor so that you can prepare the top questions and points you'd like to ask them. Also be sure to check their listing on this page to see if they have requested that you bring anything to your meeting. Otherwise, come with questions about your blog or business, pick their brain about a specific area of expertise, ask them about their own experiences — whatever you need.

Can I change/cancel my meeting and get a refund after I’ve booked it?

While you can cancel your meeting via the link in your confirmation email, please note that all sales are final and your payment will not be refunded. If you’d like to reschedule your meeting for a different time with the same mentor, select the reschedule option via the link in your confirmation email. If you do this, your payment will be transferred over to your new meeting. You cannot reschedule a meeting with one mentor to a meeting with a different mentor.

Will I miss anything else at WITS if I schedule a Mentor Meeting?

Mentor Meetings will not conflict with general conference programming; however, they may overlap with some tours. We recommend taking a look at the full schedule before selecting a time you wish to meet with your mentor.


Read through each mentor’s skillset to find the one who’s right for your needs.


Alina Andrusaite


Have you always wanted to publish your articles in various press outlets, speak on the radio, or be invited as a guest to TV programs? Alina can guide you in pitching your articles, collaborating with various mass media outlets, and establishing working relationships to earn some extra money and get promotional opportunities for your blog. Ge ready to be considered an expert in your niche and worthy of media coverage!


Amanda Mouttaki


Do you want to build a business or create a course from your website? Amanda will help you evaluate what you already have, where your authority is, and create a roadmap to make your business dreams a reality!


Carly Hulls


Founding your business or already building your career in travel as a founding team member? Carly can help with career advice, actionable tips for scaling businesses, practical workflows to maximize your efficiency, and strategies to grow your success within the travel industry. With 10+ years experience in the industry and extensive work as a mentor to women in travel, Carly will craft a custom session to address your core concerns and questions with an action plan and follow up steps.


Jessica Zijlstra


Ready to start promoting your content? Jessica can help you get started in the world of social adveritising. From setting up your Facebook pixel, to running through setting up an ad, you'll leave ready to start running your first ad campaign. For those who've dabbled previously but want to take their paid social to the next level, Jessica can help with more intermediate targeting, ad types, and campaign advice. Reach new audiences, increase traffic, and build brand awareness - it's all accessible to even the smallest budgets. Let's get social!


Kristina Liburd


Starting a new business can be a busy time, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned content creator professional. For an allotted amount of time, Kristina will act as your own personal in-house counsel by helping you identify potential legal issues you may come across, think of strategies you may be dealing with now, develop a plan to protect yourself and your content creation business, and determine what's your best method to work in the future without hesitation.


Lola Akinmade Åkerström


Are you looking to up your game as a professional travel writer and photographer and find ways of developing, presenting, and selling your work? Lola will guide you through focusing on your niche and identifying avenues of marketing and selling your work, and will answer all your questions regarding working within the industry and building a lasting personal brand.


Martinique Lewis


''The Ultimate media kit!'' In order to pitch to brands and receive the partnerships you want, your media kit has to be updated and on point. Your audience, their demographics, case studies, pricing packages, and your niche are all things that should be included. Your media kit is your resume. Let Marty help you ensure it stands out and leaves a lasting impression.


Nora Dunn


Nora offers 3 avenues of mentoring (you can use your time with her to discuss one or multiple topics):

1) KICK-STARTING/UPGRADING YOUR FREELANCE WRITING AND BLOGGING CAREER: Tap into Nora’s 12+ years of freelance writing and blogging experience! She’ll help you find a niche, stand out, land gigs, sell yourself, cross-pollinate freelance writing with blogging, and much more.

2) HOW TO GET FREE ACCOMMODATION: Get Nora's inside scoop on this travel lifestyle that has saved her over $100,000! She'll help you choose the best forms of free accommodation for your lifestyle/location preferences, get gigs, do your due diligence, and create realistic expectations.

3) ARRANGING YOUR LIFE / FINANCES / CAREER TO BECOME A DIGITAL NOMAD: As one of the first career travel bloggers and full-time travelers, Nora's 12 years as a digital nomad make her an uncontested expert! She’ll parlay her financial expertise to help you budget, file taxes, manage money, get paid, and more. She'll help you set a travel pace, achieve work-life balance, and manage this lifestyle and career. For newbies, Nora can also help you determine what to do with your home and stuff, and other beginner tips.


Julie Fox


Do you want to offer itinerary consultation and design services for your niche via your blog? Julie will draw on her many years of experience to help you define and refine the services you want to offer and establish what your target market really needs, how to market your services, explore ways of maximising your opportunities for profit through partnerships, discuss the nitty-gritty of how to set up the service in practice, and give pointers on pitfalls to watch out for.


Nour Brahimi


Nour is a video content expert who has grown her YouTube following to 125k in just a few short years. She offers two mentoring options (you can choose one or both):

1) HOW TO GROW FAST ON YOUTUBE. Nour has 5 POWER tips that will help you grow FAST on YouTube. If you want to get more views and turn viewers into subscribers, this is for you. You'll take a look at two case studies and come away with tools for success.

2) HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBE CHANNEL. If you have not yet started on YouTube, this is your opportunity to make it happen. Nour will guide you through the most important steps of starting a professional channel.


Rachel Heller

€15 (30 minute meeting)

Are you writing in English, but it's not your native language? Rachel can help with a quick look at a sample of your writing, highlighting common mistakes in grammar, structure, and/or punctuation as well as stylistic weaknesses. Bring a short writing sample of about 400-500 words along with any specific questions you'd like help with. In this half-hour session, you will collaborate with Rachel to produce a short, personalized checklist of main points to improve your writing.